About Edit Horvath

Edit is a therapist that specialises in sex therapy, couples counselling and psychotherapy.

Catch the replay … Sex After Breast Cancer!

In October I was part of an event titled: 'Sex After Breast Cancer'. It was recorded live as a webinar and is now available to watch online. It's a replay of the event and well worth a watch. A breast cancer diagnosis can impact sexual health, relationships and body image. In this webinar we’ll talk [...]

Sex After Breast Cancer ~ An Event on Tuesday 31 October 2017

A breast cancer diagnosis can impact sexual health, relationships and body image. In this webinar we'll talk about those things that aren't often discussed: how to overcome side effects like vaginal dryness, fatigue and little or no libido, to get your sex life back on track. Join Rose Wharepapa, Dr Stella Milsom and Edit Horvath [...]

Why New Zealand Women Need to Talk More About Masturbation

'Masturbation is so natural there is research that suggests babies do it in the womb. It's something, as the joke goes, that 95 percent of men admit to doing and the rest lie about. So why isn't it the same for women? Why don't we talk about it as much as men? And why should [...]

Video Bloopers

Edit had great fun making the latest video to promote Active SexLife Solutions. Check out the bloopers here.

How can a sex therapist help

We all want to be loved, touched, serenaded and adored. Our relationships may reflect this; our partners may fulfil our desires. But sometimes they forget how special we are or go way off the track we enjoy sharing with them. Can you talk to your other half about what you want? What you need from [...]

Working With Out Of Control Sexual Behaviours

Out of control sexual behaviours (OOCSB), hypersexuality and sexual compulsivity have been viewed, reacted / responded to and treated in enormously varied ways historically and culturally from popular, legal and clinical perspectives. For example, while sex with young boys was widely accepted in ancient Greece, our reality in New Zealand is that it is a [...]